Our marine coatings are widely used in commercial vessels and pleasure crafts across Australia and New Zealand. Our marine solutions provide foul control, corrosion protection and aesthetic appeal.

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Colourthane® C-Series

A two-component recoatable isocyanate cured acrylic polyurethane finish. With excellent colour and gloss retention, Colourthane C-Series has superior colour reproducibility through an intermix tinting system. Colourthane C-Series conforms to AS/NZS 3750.6.

Colourthane® PF330

A two-component anti-corrosive, polyurethane primer for mild steel. Colourthane PF330 is fast drying and produces a high build, filling minor surface imperfections.

Chemistry: Polyurethane

PDS: Colourthane PF330

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Colourthane® S-Series

Epinamel® DTM985

A two-component, high solids, high build polyamine adduct cured epoxy. Designed to protect steel and concrete in industrial exposures, Epinamel DTM985 is ideal for maintenance painting and fabrication shop applications. The high-solids content ensures adequate protection of sharp edges, corners and welds. This product can be applied directly to marginally prepared steel surfaces. Epinamel DTM985 is approved to APAS 0213 and APAS 2973. Factory-made white has AS4020 potable water approval.

Epinamel® EB600

Epinamel® NS808

A two-component, high build polyamide cured epoxy with hard coarse non-skid aggregate. Epinamel NS808 conforms to AS/NZS 4586:2004 Appendix C (DIN51097) to Classification B - Wet Barefoot Ramp Test and to AS/NZS 4586:2013 Appendix A (Wet Pendulum Test Method) and Appendix D (Oil Wet Ramp Test).

Epinamel® PR250

A two-component, universal epoxy primer with aluminium flake option. A versatile primer that protects structural steel in both internal and external environments. Approved to APAS 2971, this primer can be used in heavy industrial, marine and C1 to C5 environments (as defined in AS/NZS 2312).

Epinamel® TL770SF

A two-component, solvent free, amine cured epoxy coating engineered for immersion service in potable water storage tanks. Epinamel TL770SF is suitable for protection of steel structures and storage tanks against corrosion, conforms to AS/NZS 3750.14, AS/NZS 4020:2018 and approved to APAS 2974, APAS 2974F and APAS 2974P.

Epinamel® UC230

A two-component, high build polyamide cured epoxy undercoat, with excellent adhesion to ferrous, non-ferrous metals and fibre glass. With excellent adhesion to ferrous, non-ferrous metals and fibre glass, Epinamel UC230 may be used as a primer or undercoat in a system and conforms to AS/NZS 3750.13.

Poly U™ 750

A two-component high-solids, gloss acrylic polyurethane coating. Used as a durable finish coat over high-performance anti-corrosion systems. Poly U750 has excellent resistance to atmospheric exposures and maintains gloss and colour, even in highly corrosive environments. Poly U750 is also approved to APAS 2911/1.

SeaPro® EFC

A two-component solvent-free polyamide cured epoxy fairing compound for use above and below the waterline.

SeaPro® CU120 Antifouling

A single-pack, self polishing tin-free antifouling based on a blend of cuprous oxide and a specially-developed antifouling performance-enhancers.

Chemistry: Antifouling

PDS: SeaPro CU120 Antifouling


SeaPro® Plus100 Antifouling

A single-pack, tin-free long-life antifouling based on a specially formulated binder and biocides.

Chemistry: Antifouling

PDS: SeaPro Plus 100 Antifouling


SeaPro® TC90

A single-pack, aluminium-pigmented modified chlorinated rubber tiecoat /primer sealer.

Chemistry: Chlorinated Rubber

PDS: SeaPro TC90

SDS:SeaPro TC90

SeaPro® TC170

A two-component high build modified epoxy tiecoat.

Chemistry: Epoxy

PDS: SeaPro TC170 Tiecoat

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SeaPro® TP80

A two-component, polyamide cured epoxy clear sealer.

Chemistry: Epoxy

PDS: SeaPro TP80

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