A leading brand in the metal coatings market, Wattyl supplies an assortment of zincs, epoxies, alkyds, enamels and polyurethanes to suit every application. From Super Etch to Colourthane, we have a proven solution for your next project.


All Purpose Primer

A single-pack anticorrosive zinc phosphate primer for mild steel.

Chemistry: Zinc Phosphate

PDS: All Purpose Primer

Dark Blue

Cold Galvanising Primer

A single-pack zinc-based epoxy ester primer for steel protection and galvanising repair.

Chemistry: Epoxy Zinc

PDS: Cold Galvanising Primer

SDS: Cold Galvanising Primer

Colourthane® PF330

A two-component anti-corrosive, polyurethane primer for mild steel. Colourthane PF330 is fast drying and produces a high build, filling minor surface imperfections.

Chemistry: Polyurethane

PDS: Colourthane PF330

Part A
Part B

Colourthane® Etch Primer

A premium single-pack fast drying epoxy modified etch primer.

Chemistry: Epoxy Etch

PDS: Colourthane Etch Primer

Colourthane Etch Primer

Galvit® EZ

A single-pack, cold galvanising anti-corrosive zinc rich primer, based on epoxy-ester resins. Galvit EZ conforms to AS/NZS 3750.9 Type 1.

Chemistry: Epoxy Zinc

PDS: Galvit EZ

SDS: Galvit EZ

Metal Primer 595

A single-pack tintable zinc phosphate primer/finish for mild steel.

Chemistry: Zinc Phosphate

PDS: Metal Primer 595


Super Etch®

A single-pack epoxy etch primer, approved to APAS 0035/2 (in grey and black colours).

Chemistry: Epoxy Etch

PDS: Super Etch


SB Tube Primer

A single-pack, rapid drying solvent based alkyd primer for steel.

Chemistry: Alkyd

PDS: SB Tube Primer

Ultramarine Blue

WB Tube Primer

A single-pack, rapid drying water based epoxy acrylic modified primer for steel.


Agricultural Enamel

A single-pack premium quality acrylic modified alkyd gloss enamel, optimised for long term exterior exposure.

All Purpose Enamel

A single-pack fast drying acrylic gloss enamel, optimised for interior and short term exterior exposure.

Colourthane® C-Series

A two-component recoatable isocyanate cured acrylic polyurethane finish. With excellent colour and gloss retention, Colourthane C-Series has superior colour reproducibility through an intermix tinting system. Colourthane C-Series conforms to AS/NZS 3750.6.

Duranamel® BR22

A single-pack, high gloss alkyd finishing coat, for interior and exterior use. Duranamel BR22 is approved to APAS-0024/1 and conforms to AS/NZS 3730.6, AS/NZS 3750.7, AS/NZS 4025.1.

Chemistry: Alkyd

PDS: Duranamel BR22

Duranamel BR22

Duranamel® PR9

A single-pack fast air drying, high build modified alkyd zinc phosphate primer.

Hammer Finish

A single-pack, fast-drying industrial enamel with hammer pattern, designed for interior and exterior use.

Chemistry: Alkyd

PDS: Hammerfinish

SDS: Hammerfinish

High Bake Enamel

Structural Enamel

A single-pack, fast drying alkyd gloss enamel designed specifically for high productivity finishing, optimised for interior and short term exterior exposure.

Ancillary Products

  • Dry Urethane Additive
  • Matting Agent 600
  • Universal Flattening Base
  • Wattyl Wax and Grease Remover