Protective & Marine Coatings

Wattyl Protective Coatings, a part of Hempel, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance coating solutions covering industries across Australasia, including Oil & Gas, Mining, Infrastructure, Water & Wastewater, Marine and OEM. Our high-performance coatings are engineered to perform against harsh atmosphere, UV weathering, occupational wear and environmental degradation, across urban, rural and coastal landscapes. Wattyl’s protective coatings solutions are designed to provide asset longevity and deliver brilliant aesthetics at maximum cost effectiveness.

Wattyl supports local manufacturing and is supported by a strong distribution network of company owned stores across Australasia. With over 100 years in business in Australasia, Wattyl is the single source of supply for coatings solutions made to your specifications.

Engineered Coatings Solution

Our team at Wattyl Protective Coatings have been working side by side with our customers – understanding their needs, solving their challenges and delivering the best possible products and tailor-made solutions. We believe by combining our segment expertise and market-specific approach, we are able to provide our customers with the best possible customer experience and project satisfaction.

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Oil and Gas

Our market expertise in Oil and Gas includes upstream, midstream and downstream projects across Australasia. Our aim is to manage energy safely, efficiently and cost effectively with advanced corrosion protection from extraction, production and distribution.

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Our track history demonstrates the effectiveness of Wattyl’s protective coatings in the harshest mining environments. Corrosion prevention is the key to providing asset longevity to mining assets, from extraction to processing stages.

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Water and Waste Water

We understand the importance of maximising asset protection against the costly impact of productivity downtime. We provide a range of coatings solutions that are AS4020 approved, durable, with fast turnaround to maximise efficiency and reduce extended downtime cost.

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Our marine coatings are widely used in commercial vessels and pleasure crafts across Australia and New Zealand. Our marine solutions provide foul control, corrosion protection and aesthetic appeal.

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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

We have a proven range of comprehensive light industrial coatings solutions for the original equipment manufacturing industry. We specialise in tailor made solutions for the agricultural, farming, transportation and industrial industries. Discover Wattyl’s metal, timber, linemarking and aerosol range.


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Epinamel® DTM985

Wattyl’s most versatile high performance epoxy, Epinamel DTM985 is used across all industries in new construction and maintenance projects. Formulated to be applied direct-to-metal, it can be used as a single coat, or as a system with primers and topcoats. The product’s most significant feature is its versatility; ranging from corrosion protection, durability, chemical and abrasion resistance, visual appeal and impressive performance in any environment.

Discover how Epinamel DTM985 can help you find the right balance between performance, aesthetics and environmental demands.

Specification Services

Our team is committed to supporting architects, specifiers, engineers, builders and contractors at every project stage, from concept to completion. Regardless of project size and complexity, our team of NACE qualified project managers provide comprehensive coatings specifications and technical advice, tailored to your project needs.

Contact us to speak with our specification team about your next project.